Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keeping in touch

True to my blog title, I have stepped into January determined to promote myself, with my Romance Me  Skin Oil taking the natural lead in preparation for valentine's. So far, I have managed to receive an unsent e-mail back into my own inbox, and no other replies. Maybe I should call instead?

I have also finished designing a new product to add to the Mother's Beauty range. It is 100% organic, natural and unscented and I consulted midwives and baby feeding specialists before designing this as I wanted it to be safe to use immediately pre and post breast-feeding. Am very excited about this product because it has ingredients to nourish, soothe and enhance the look of skin in this area, stretched and deflated as it can be. I remember over-using the breast pump with my third child, ( I followed the Gina Ford book to the letter ), looking in the mirror at my unrecognisable assets and realising that there was every chance they could end up resembling a pair of my neighbour's tea coloured tights, (I'm talking about the wrinkly toe bit which stuck out of her open sandal.) Anyway, my new product is packaged in a lovely way to give any mum a treat and so I shall be targeting parenting mags in the near future for further PR-ing activities.

On Saturday, I had the great honour of meeting Mr. Ed Burstell of Liberty London. He is a lovely fellow with lots of knowledge; was great to get some feedback about my skincare range and will definitely be keeping in touch with him. I'm thinking pen friend; whatever happened to those? I had one growing up called Joel Buggy and kept a pic of him next to my bed between the ages of around 10 and 12, within which he was holding a parrot. Odd.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Routine missing

Still ill. This time it's stomach cramps, so have had to forego my daily latte and chocolate biscuits. Boo.

Boys and me are beginning to grate on each other. They go back to school on Tuesday and sadly, like many, I think we are all desperate for the return of our big routine. Frankly I haven't got the cash to keep entertaining them and timing them on the Ipad they all share has long become tiresome.  'A' locks himself in his spare room office before it gets light and comes out again when the last bit of pink sun has disappeared. Has he become a mole?

Next Saturday is a big day for me and my little skincare business. I have entered into the Liberty London British designers showcase, where I will basically get 3 minutes to pitch my products to buyers before being told whether they like them.....or not. If they do, another more formal meeting will ensue. I am feeling brave and positive and have started to make some notes today and look at my format. Must wear comfy shoes though, as queueing is all part of the big day apparently - well, as a nation, we are known for our love of standing in lines.

Will keep you posted on how it goes and good luck to all thee in your first working weeks of the year.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Beetroot chutney anyone?

It's Tuesday and I've decided to make beetroot chutney!! Think I need to go see the special head doctor as it has been a busy day, but I might give some out as teachers presents for E's helpers at school. They do a wonderful job, although I guess beetroot is a bit of an acquired taste. Here is the link to the recipe:

Almost ready for Xmas and have actually managed to stay quite sensible in terms of my spendages.


Phew... we have gas! No I'm not referring to the sprouts, but the fact that Southern Gas Networks have fixed the water-logged gas pipes near our road, and we can now stop huddling around the fan heater, interrupted only by running between two rooms.

Sinuses still blocked. I spent new years eve with needles in my face and vacuumed cups on my back, trying to remedy this with the natural approach. Hasn't really worked yet. C, our middle one, has also been very poorly and my elder sister returned to Wales from our house with germs she'd never had before.

The good news is that all this has allowed me to sit guilt-free in front of any amount of rubbish TV over the holiday period, stuffing in whole cans of Pringles and Quality Street, (thanks nan!) and remaining in my pj's all day long. Admittedly, I quite enjoy the lack of responsibility which goes with mild illness; too ill to do the washing, but well enough to look at Asos. Perfect.

Happy new year to you.